Emotional Wellness Workshop


If you’re struggling with a mental health challenge—like overwhelming stress, depression or anxiety—you’re not alone. More than 80% of American adults are living with a mental health problem of some kind.

The health of your mind and your body are linked, and it’s important to get the emotional help you need to best take care of yourself. Taking care of your mental health is a key aspect of staying healthy overall—and taking care of your physical health can improve your brain health, helping you to think better, have feelings of wellbeing and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. There are many steps you can take to improve your mental health. And we can help.


Our Wellness Recovery Action Plan (or WRAP®) workshop is a self-designed prevention and wellness process that you can use to get well, stay well, and build the life you want. The program was created by people who successfully overcame their own mental health challenges. All of our specially trained workshop leaders have developed their own WRAP®—so they know what it feels like to go through the process.

Each week, your workshop leaders and fellow participants will guide and support you to:

  • Keep track of—and plan responses to—any troubling feelings or behaviors
  • Develop healthy ways to work through challenges
  • Find ways to build more peace and enjoyment into your daily life
  • Plan small, steady steps to achieve your goals and gain a sense of control over your feelings and your life

If you’re caring for or supporting someone with a mental health challenge, this program can help you learn how to help the person in times when they may not be able to make a decision, take care of themselves, or keep themselves safe.

Our workshops are free of cost for all participants. That’s because we’re committed to making sure all Vermonters have access to expert advice and proven strategies to take control of their health.


If you:

  • Have been diagnosed with a mental health problem, like depression or anxiety
  • Are feeling sad, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or just need help feeling better
  • Are caring for or supporting someone with a mental health or emotional challenge



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More than 80% of American adults are living with some form of mental health issue.

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Specially-trained workshop leaders have developed their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan. This program can also help supporters or caregivers learn how to help their loved one.

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“I gained a renewed sense of appreciation for learning how to live a more empowered life with added guidance and support.”

– Workshop participant

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