What if there isn’t a workshop in my area or on a day or time I can make?

Let us know which workshop you’re interested in as well as a day and times that work for you. Sometimes we’re able to add workshops if there are enough people interested in attending. New workshops are added on a regular basis. Contact us for more information.

How many participants are in a typical workshop?

There can be anywhere from 5 to 15 people in a class. Some classes may be smaller or larger depending on the topic, location and time of day. Our small class sizes make it easier for you to get personalized support and build connections with other participants.

Can I bring a support person with me?

Yes! Some participants choose to bring a support person to make them feel more comfortable or to help them get to the workshop. This may be a trusted friend or family member, spouse/partner, caregiver, etc. Whomever you choose, your support person is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Are the facilities where workshops are hosted accessible?

We do our best to hold our workshops in accessible locations for people with disabilities. It is important to us that workshops are inclusive of anyone (age 18+) who would like to participate. Contact us if you have any specific needs that we can accommodate when choosing a class location.

Can you help with transportation to the workshops?

In general, we are not able to provide transportation or offer reimbursement vouchers. However, local My Healthy VT coordinators know their communities well, including available transportation resources. Please contact us to find out about transportation options.

Who teaches the workshops?

Our class leaders are Vermonters who are specially trained in their program area. They understand where you’re coming from because some started as program participants themselves! The Diabetes Management Workshops have at least one class leader who has type 2 diabetes. Class leaders from our Emotional Wellness Workshops have already developed their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan before getting special training to help others.

What do I need to bring to a workshop?

Nothing! We will provide you with all program materials

Who pays for these programs in Vermont?

Vermont’s Blueprint for Health covers the cost of these self-management workshops. The workshops are also supported by the Vermont Department of Health and other community partners. Blueprint for Health is funded by private and public health insurance companies to protect and support the health and wellbeing of Vermonters.

How much do these programs cost?

Free! In most states, people have to pay for these programs out of pocket—as much as $425—or find out if their insurance will cover them. Here in Vermont, we offer them at no cost to you so you can focus on making the health changes that are important to you.

Are the workshops in person or online?

All the workshops are in person so you can learn from your peers and interact in real-time. Stay tuned for distance-learning options coming soon.

How do I register for a workshop?

1. Find a workshop that you would like to attend. You can contact us if you have questions or can’t find a workshop on a date or time that works.
2. Start the workshop registration process online or connect with your local coordinator.
3. Your regional coordinator will follow up with you to confirm your registration and answer any questions you may have.


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